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Helmet Diving

The Reef Magic pontoon Moore Reef site is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful reef locations available anywhere in Australia and perfect for Helmet Diving. As one of the only sites to offer helmet diving in the local area, enjoy a 360 degree tour without even getting your head wet.

Save $20 per person on Helmet Diving when pre booked online!

Guided Underwater Walking Tour

Perfect for guests who aren't confident swimmers, but still want to see the gorgeous marine life of the Great Barrier Reef up close.

The Reef Magic Pontoon site has been handpicked for its superior water clarity, biological diversity and overall quality of marine life. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful reef locations available anywhere in Australia and perfect for helmet diving.

A different style of diving and is perfect for anyone who isn’t a confident swimmer, and designed for guests aged 12 to 65. Walking an underwater tour with a 360 degree circuit, you’ll see shoals of fish and a variety of marine life swimming around you, without even getting your head wet.

Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving Walking Tour From $129 when pre booked or $149 on the day

Perfect for those who aren’t confident in the water, but still want to see the gorgeous array of marine life at Moore Reef. On a guided circuit you can enjoy the underwater views, without leaving the platform or even getting your head wet.

Suitable for ages 12 to 65.

Helmet Diving Conditions

  • By law, the minimum age to dive is 12 years. Anyone under 18 years will need a parent or guardians permission.
  • All Scuba Diving is subject to successful completion of an on-board medical questionnaire. Please answer the following questions on your past and present status with a YES or NO. If you are not sure, answer YES. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a Queensland doctor PRIOR to participating in scuba diving. The questionnaire can be downloaded here.
  • Before embarking on your scuba diving adventure in Queensland, please note that there are specific medical requirements unique to our region for certain medical conditions (i.e. asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure or certain medications) these may exclude individuals from diving.  A dive medical obtained outside of Queensland may not meet these standards, potentially hindering your ability to dive with us. For comprehensive guidance on Queensland’s diving code of conduct, we recommend visiting the Work Safe website. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff, who are dedicated to ensuring your dive experience is both safe and enjoyable. Please check when booking or email us with any questions or concerns.
  • Certified Divers must produce their certification card
  • The above also applies to Helmet diving.

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