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Eco Certified

Reef Magic has an Advanced Eco Accreditation, Climate Action Business Certification, Respecting Our Culture Certification and is recognised as a Green Travel leader by Ecotourism Australia. We are committed to tackling climate change and operating as a sustainable, eco-conscious business.

Tackling Climate Change

At Reef Magic we believe each person around the world can reduce their total emissions each year. There are hundreds of different ways we can do this by introducing environmental practices into our everyday life such as using energy saving appliances, low energy bulbs, reduction of waste and litter and the use of environmentally friendly detergents.

When travelling we encourage our guests to ensure these practices are maintained, even whilst away from home, and to choose to support tour operators who have achieved the Ecotourism and Climate Action certification logo.

Reef Magic carries an Advanced Eco Accreditation –  the highest level of accreditation awarded by Ecotourism Australia. We also carry a Climate Action Business Certification. These certifications distinguish us as one of Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products.

All of our activities are carried out following industry best standards/guidelines and your patronage helps support important conservation initiatives aimed directly at the protection of Australia’s natural heritage.

At Reef Magic we believe each person around the world can reduce their total emissions each year. There are hundreds of different ways we can do this by introducing environmental practices into our everyday life such as using energy saving appliances, low energy bulbs, reduction of waste and litter and the use of environmentally friendly detergents.

ROC Certified

Reef Magic is proud to have a Respecting Our Culture Certification, which is recognition of our commitment to protecting cultural authenticity and integrity, developing sound business practices, environmental protection and acknowledging Indigenous peoples spiritual connection to land and water. The ROC program is a tourism industry development tool designed by Aboriginal Tourism Australia and administered by Ecotourism Australia.

Environmental Information

The Cairns and Port Douglas area are one of the most highly visited regions of the Great Barrier Reef. The GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority) Cairns Area Plan of Management is in place to help manage human activities and minimise wildlife and habitat disturbance. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a multiple-use area. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zoning Plan 2003 provides for a range of ecologically sustainable recreational, commercial and research opportunities and for the continuation of traditional activities. Zoning helps to manage and protect the values of the Marine Park that people enjoy. Each zone has different rules for the activities that are allowed, the activities that are prohibited, and the activities that require a permit.

Experience Co’s Tropical North Queensland operations utilise the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest and various Great Barrier Reef Island National Parks.

The Great Barrier Reef received world heritage status in 1981, the first coral reef ecosystem in the world to have this distinction. It was inscribed by the World Heritage Committee for its ‘outstanding universal value’. As the world’s most extensive coral reef ecosystem, the GBR is globally significant.

The Daintree Rainforest, located North of Port Douglas, is one of the oldest and largest rainforests in the world, estimated at over 135 million years old and stretching over 1,200 square hectares. The Daintree rainforest was added to the World Heritage List in 1988 and is a Protected Area managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. The Daintree is home to animal and plant species that have not been found anywhere else in the world. The guided rainforest walks teach the guests about the flora and fauna of the rainforest.

Experience Co Acknowledges Custodians

Experience Co acknowledges the continuing Sea Country management and custodianship of the Great Barrier Reef by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners whose rich cultures, heritage values, enduring connections and shared efforts protect the Reef for future generations. Experience Co also acknowledges the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people, the Traditional Owners of Daintree National Park.

Experience Co’s GBR Biology team tailor Reef Education programs that specialise in connecting local students to their local reef systems via a series of curriculum-based projects and research opportunities. Involving schools and communities in education regarding the current threats facing the reef encourages stewardship. Community understanding and stewardship can harness increased political and community action and support for the reef’s long-term protection.

Within the GBR there are some 2,500 individual reefs and over 900 islands encompassing a unique array of ecological communities, habitats and species. This diversity of species and habitats and their interconnectivity make the GBR one of the richest and most complex natural ecosystems on earth and one of the most significant for biodiversity conservation. There are over 1,500 species of fish, about 400 species of coral, 4,000 species of mollusc and some 240 species of birds, plus a great diversity of sponges, anemones, marine worms and crustaceans. The waters also provide major feeding grounds for threatened dugong and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle. The Marine Park is an important breeding and feeding ground for several species of whales, all of which are protected species.

GBR Biology invest heavily in coral reef monitoring and research into the stewardship and cultural value of our World Heritage Great Barrier Reef sites. Research by Eric Fisher, Biology Manager at Experience Co, recorded fish spawning aggregation sites in the vicinity of our Moore Reef activity platform. Aggregation sites in the Cairns Planning Area are essential for the reproduction cycles of many reef fish species.

Experience Co's Sustainability Initiatives

Some of the current initiatives onboard Experience Co’s are outlined below:
  •  All catering is outsourced to a local restaurant, who source their products locally and offer eco-friendly packaging.
  • Recycled copy paper in offices, and digital documents are encouraged over printing wherever possible.
  • Certified eco-friendly cleaners are in use in offices and on vessels, to avoid the toxic chemicals found in many conventional cleaning products.
  • Recycling facilities are in use in all of our operations. All bins are covered to prevent fly away litter. All tour waste is carried out for disposal at the Cairns Marina facility.
  • Every vessel is equipped with water refill stations, and refillable water bottles are sold on board.
  • All our brochures have been changed to recycled paper.
  • Calypso currently sells reef-friendly sunscreen on board the vessel, and we will aim to sell the sunscreen across all cruises and marine products.
  • Guests are actively encouraged to make sustainable decisions, from bringing bottled water on board, using recycling bins, using reef friendly sunscreen and encouraged to use public transport to the marina.

Experience Co's Sustainability Goals

Minimise adverse impacts on the environment

Experience Co conducts all operations with a view to prevent, reduce or mitigate harmful effects on natural resources and meet the requirements of all relevant environmental regulations and best practice codes.

Promote environmental stewardship

The requirement of reef interpretation, which raises awareness of the pressures affecting the reef, is a key strategy to promote a sense of reef stewardship among visitors.

Reduce carbon emissions 

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to marine biodiversity. Implementing strategies to reduce emissions and promoting sustainable practices are changes we can make to help fight climate change. Experience Co is committed to establish an emissions baseline for FY21/22 and henceforth complete an emissions calculator at the end of each financial year.

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